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    Are you taking part in the current renaissance going on in the world of at-home cooking? After decades of dining out, fast food, and pre-cooked meals, more and more people are coming back to home cookery. If you’ve been adding steadily to your repertoire of kitchen skills, you may be interested in trying out the fascinating technique known as sous vide cooking. It involves long cooking times at low temperatures, and you’ll need a little-specialized equipment to properly experiment with it. The site bestsousvousbrands.com is a great resource for finding the right immersion circulator for your needs.

    How Immersion Circulators Work

    An immersion circulator is a critical tool you must have in your kitchen to start exploring the world of sous vide cooking. This style of cooking involves subjecting food in vacuum-sealed bags to low, constant temperatures for long periods in a hot water bath. The immersion circulator is the tool that makes this happen.

    Gourmia Immersion CirculatorUntil very recently, most immersion circulators were manufactured for the professional and high-end markets, featuring prices in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Today, thanks to the increased interest in sous vide cooking at home; there are some excellent immersion circulators available for less than $200.

    Essential Characteristics

    The number one characteristic you need in sous vides immersion circulator is precision. Good sous vide cooking requires bringing your water bath to a precise temperature and holding it there for extended periods; this, in turn, demands a very reliable heating element. You should look for circulators that offer (at a minimum) single-degree heat control.

    Water levels are also important to check. Most sous vide circulators have clearly marked minimum and maximum fill levels. The water in your cooking pot has to be above the minimum line to ensure proper circulation and below the maximum line to keep the circulators’ electronics dry. The greater the distance between a circulator’s fill levels, the wider the range of vessels and water levels it can handle.

    Speed is a less important issue with a slow cooking technique like sous vide, but it’s still handy to have a circulator that can get your water ready for use as quickly as possible. This is best judged by looking at the results of head-to-head comparison tests. In general, you want to look for a circulator that can bring a full cooking pot up to working temperature (about 140 degrees Fahrenheit) of 20 minutes or less.

    Doing Your Homework

    Because even the cheapest decent examples of immersion circulators cost several hundred dollars, this isn’t the sort of kitchen gadget that you want to experiment with by buying multiple models. Pay careful attention to both owner and professional reviews before you select the circulator you want to buy.

    Fortunately, the market for low-cost kitchen circulators is still relatively small. There are about a half a dozen different models at the lower end of the price range, so it’s not that hard to research all of them. Take the time to figure out which circulator is ideal for your needs; you won’t regret it once you start cranking out perfectly cooked sous vide dishes!

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